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Well this is where you can get your very own Blindhogg T-Shirt. If you want to show your appreciation for the website and help me keep it around then do us both a favor and buy a shirt. As of now this is the only way I plan to sponsor this sight. If I cant raise enough to cover the costs of hosting this site I might be forced to shut it down. Short sleeve is $15.00 delivered, and the long sleeve is $20.00 delivered. If this sight is popular I am considering making some tools available that I personally make for the 1911. Also if there is enough interest maybe I will attempt to put some of this info in a bench reference. More to follow

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This is where you can get your T-shirt if interested
This is the artwork for the back and front of the T-shirts. The only color
available is Heather grey, in both long sleeve or short, in black ink only.
The shirts are Hanes Beefy T, 90/10 in sizes Small to XXLarge

I know its hard to see the shirts but the rear logo reads Blindhogg custom gunworks and then the address of the website. The front is the logo I use in the upper Right of your screen. They are very well made and look good to boot.
Short sleeve T-shirts click here

Long sleeve T-shirt click here
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