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Hello and welcome to my New 1911smithing homepage, Above I have a article referencing how I do each one of the following gun finishes. Doing any of the three finishes above is easily done by the home gun mechanic. But first lets get into some basics, Teflon coating is a spray on and then baked process and it can be done to Aluminum, Carbon steel and Stainless steel. So in other words any part of your 1911 can be teflon coated except for the plastic mainspring housings. Blueing can only be done to the carbon steel parts. and parkerizing can only be done to Carbon steel also. Anodizing can only be done to aluminum and is not easily done in the home or garage. I usually send out my aluminum frames to be anodized unless the customer wants them teflon coated. Hard chrome is also another great finish and I usually send my parts out for that also. Aluminum and steel (carbon and stainless) can be hard chromed, but I have only found one shop that hard chromes aluminum (Checkmate refinishing). Good luck and read on.