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My Ray Klontz Powerhammer continued 

Well this is page three of my Ray Clontz powerhammer, below are some photos of the tools Clay brought along with him that he built for his powerhammer, hopefully he will not mind me attempting to copy a few.

For anyone out there who desires to get a build like this together feel free to contact Clay Spencer at the email address below to work out the particulars and his requirements.

Overall I had a fantastic time and would do it again if I ever got the chance, getting together with like minded individuals, making a bunch of new friends and working hard was a great time and rewarding in the end. Unfortunately we never had the time to smith nor did anyone have the energy. We spent about 14 hours a day on Fri and Saturday working and finally finished on Sunday about 3:00PM with just enough daylight for us all to get our hammers loaded in the daylight. Since I had a 2.5 hour long drive I got on the road as soon as my hammer was loaded plus the wife was ready to go. I had a fantastic time during the build and learned alot, my next task is to use the hammer for a month or so to find out if it needs any tweaking then I will break it down for a fresh coat of paint. The pictures below are of Isabelle in her new home, I will post some photos when she is sporting a fresh coat of paint in the not to distant future. Isabelle came with a guard to cover her moving parts but I removed it for the photos so everyone could see how the working bits of the hammer went together, then immedietly replaced the cover.

Chris Williams