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My Bow 
Well this is for other Bow collectors out there such as me. This was made for me by a good friend in trade for a pistol I built him. I really enjoy it and it is the first custom built bow I have owned so thought others might like to take a look at it. Its so nice I now have commissioned my friend for a Take Down Recurve in the inverse colors to match this long bow. This one is a 66 inch reflex deflex Longbow 55 pounds at 28 inches in drawl. The handle (riser) is Osage Orange and Cocobolo with matching limb tips. The limbs themselves are Dirty Bamboo with a Hard Maple core. In case your wondering, NO he is not currently taking jobs as his backlog is longer than mine at this time. When he is ready I will post information on how to contact Jack at Rustick Archery and order a bow from him.