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Well I guess this is where I am supposed to talk about myself. The name is Chris Williams and I have been working on 1911's since about 93 or 94. I am currently retired having served 20 years in the Military and at this time only work on 1911's as a hobby. It all started when I went shooting with a friend who had a built up series 70 Colt, I had a Bone stock Mil-Spec Springfield and did I see the light that day. I went immediately home and with my Brownells catalogue in hand ordered a Wilsons sear and beavertail jig. The passion grew from there, and before I knew it I had a milling machine in the garage and a blueing stand in the backyard. I at first bought Wilsons combat customizing the 1911 book and then both of the Jerry Kuhnhausen books, those three books are a great start but they were not enough. There was a lot left out and many areas not covered, like milling in rear sights, cutting front cocking serrations, milling a frame for a ramped barrel and serrating the top of a slide. Many little secrets I have learned over time, so I decided to create a web page that would guide a beginner or even a seasoned veteran into expanding his horizons. Now I dont claim to know it all, I know I still have a lot to learn but this is what works for me. Well Read on and I hope you enjoy and learn alot.
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