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1911 related sites

roderus custom  This is Frank's site, check out his Sistema rebuild and also check out his forum.

1911 forum  This is the 1911forum site it is a great site with much 1911 related information.  This is also a pretty good forum with much 1911 content.

1911 parts suppliers

Brownells  Brownells is where I get all my parts for various 1911 projects. If you enjoy tinkering on firearms and do not yet have one of their catalogues you need to get one.

Ed Brown  This is Ed Brown's web site, He in my opinion makes some very good parts for the 1911

Wilsons  This is Bill Wilsons web site who is another maker of fine 1911 pistols and parts.

Caspian  Caspian is a maker of outstanding pistol slides and frames, they also make parts, check them out. I use these guys frames and slides when doing a full house build up.

Egw Guns  These guys make great parts, I would never even think of doing a trigger job without slipping in a EGW sear.

cylinder and slide  These guys make great parts also. I love their hammers and disconnectors.


Alessi leather  Lou Alessi's web site. If I could only have one holster this would be it

Mitch Rosen  Mitch Rosens sight, Nice holsters also.


Traverse tools  Travers tools, this is where I get my sandpaper, sandpaper rolls, files and milling machine bits etc.

Cool Websites

Xcaliberaccuracy  This is one of those you have to see it to beleive it products, This is one fine Bipod.

Elmerkeithshoot  This is a really interesting site dedicated to Elmer Keith who was a Writer, outdoorsman and Revolver afficionado. Check it out.

Colorado School of Trades  This is the Colorado School of trades, a gunsmithing trade school. Check it out.