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HELLO and welcome to my Website. As a mostly self-taught "shade-tree machinist" most of what I relate to you is from my experience and lessons learned as a result of my own mistakes. I have been wrong on numerous occasions and will be wrong again. I do not claim to know it all but this is what works for me, and I am pleased to share whatever I can with fellow 1911 enthusiasts. I have learned much from others and it is my debt to them to share with you what I have gleaned. This knowledge this is like eating : You consume , select, absorb and cast off what is not needed. Please be patient, tolerant, and keep an open mind, and maybe something I have to offer will be worthwhile. I am not much of a writer but I will attempt to write these articles at a very basic level, kind of like a Idiots guide to 1911smithing. Most of my articles will reference the tools I am using and the part no. as available from Brownells gunsmith supply, they can be reached at

Disclaimer The following Gunsmithing articles are produced for informational purposes only and should be performed by competent gunsmiths only. Neither Blindhogg Custom Gunsworks Nor C. Williams assumes any responsibility, Directly or indirectly for the safety of the readers attempting to follow any instructions in this website.