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tool3s.jpg - 3442 Bytes Well this is probably one of my Most used tools and I dont know what I would do without it. Its called a Widget, and is used to re-install your thumb safety without marring frame.

tool21s.jpg - 4878 BytesThis is probably the best sandpaper money can buy it is called blue grit sandpaper and is made by 3M. It can be torn into small very narrow strips and used to polish and dehorn all manner of different things on your 1911.

tool2s.jpg - 3185 BytesThis is a my front sight staking tool with replacable point. I don't use it that much though, as I prefer dovetailed front sights.

tool23s.jpg - 3914 Bytes This is my Wilson's sear jig.This is probably the first tool I bought when I started dabbling in 1911's. Pretty much a must have, if you are into 1911's

tool32s.jpg - 3639 BytesThese are my nylon sight punches. Guaranteed to get your sight out, or in, without marring it.

tool22s.jpg - 3967 BytesThis is my Yavapi slide jig. It is used to hold my slide when serrating top of slide, opening ejection port and milling front cocking serrations.

tool11s.jpg - 3584 Bytes This is my slide pusher and is used when fitting a oversized barrel to a slide.

tool28s.jpg - 3970 Bytes This is a special jig designed to go into a mag well of a frame and expand. The shaft then rotates and allows the frame to rotate when checkering the frontstrap of a 1911.

tool4s.jpg - 13648 BytesThis is just a small selection of my various files. A file to a gunsmith is akin to a wrench to a mechanic. I usually try to buy Nicholson files as they seem to last the longest.

tool5s.jpg - 10044 BytesThis is my Wilson's Lug cutter. A must have, if you want to fit National Match barrels properly. Do yourself a favor and only buy the .196 cutter, the other one (.187) is a waste of money unless you can find a slide stop that is .187 in diameter, Not likely

tool35s.jpg - 10771 BytesThese are my micrometers, they are absolutely a necessity. If you don't own any yet these will be a worthwhile investment..

tool6s.jpg - 11084 BytesThese are my punches, used for all manner of punching. The one in front is a 1/16 punch with a replacable point. Very handy; as you will see the 1/16 will get damaged all the time and it's a breeze to throw another one in. Available from Brownells.

This is my chinese vise, its massive and heavy but works well. It will swivel 360 degrees and has a huge anvil to hammer things on. I also use the homemade aluminum 1 inch inserts you see in the jaws and on top of that are brownells Superhold Vise jaw pads. These are the best vise jaw inserts around bar none. If you do not own these get a pair I have had these over 5 years and they will not wear out and grip a 1911 slide without marring it when dehorning or knocking out or in sights.

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