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Novak Sights, milling the Novak lo-mount sight for your slide is not that difficult. First acquire the correct dovetail cutter, which is 65 Degree by .495, from Brownells. Chuck your slide in your milling machine vise. I use paper to pad my slide when in vise. Level your slide with a level or dial indicator and chuck a 3/8 or 1/2 inch carbide end mill cutter in mill, spinning at 1100RPM remove metal to the depth of your stock dovetail (Fig 1), which should be .100 deep. Next chuck in a carbide 1/4 inch, 4 flute cutter, and make a pass .120 deep and .625 back from the from edge of the slide (Fig-3). Now I don't just go .120 deep in one pass. I make multiple passes, .025 a pass, til I reach my desired depth. The only reason you make the pass with the 1/4 inch cutter is to keep from overloading the dovetail cutter. The last step is to make a pass with the dovetail cutter. Before you make your pass, ensure you measure the lo-mount sight, and see how deep the dovetail cut is. It is usually .125 deep, but some sights are slightly shallow or deeper. Once the desired depth is known, chuck in your dovetail cutter and spin your bit at 600-700RPM, and lock your quill. What you want to do now is zero on the top of the platform you have created and move .520 in and down .125, and make a pass. Once you have finshed with the pass, remove slide from vise and take to padded bench vise, and get out your 65 Deg file and open up dovetail until sight enters slide (Fig-4).

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