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Magwell, There are several magwell's available. The most common is the Smith and Alexander, So that's the one I will show you how to fit. The first photo is of what the magwell looks like when unfitted, as you can see there is a double bevel. When first fitting the magwell to the frame, it many times looks like (Fig 2)If you need to adjust the way the magwell mates to the frame, then that is easily done with an allen wrench and a hammer (preferably a nylon faced one). What you are attempting to do is bend the two fingers of metal on the magwell down, in order to mate with the frame more effectively. Set up the magwell as in (Fig-3) and place frame in a padded bench vise. Strike the magwell fingers towards the end with your nylon faced hammer; do both sides and then remove allen wrench and test fit. You will have to do this several times, until you see how much pressure is needed to bend the steel. Once you have the Mag well mating as in (Fig-4) you are ready to blend the frame into the Magwell. This step can be done in one of several ways. I personally use a milling machine, so I will show you how I use it to accomplish the task. I have used a dremel tool also, so there are other ways to skin this cat. First chuck your frame in your milling machine vise with Magwell attached. Next get a 60deg 3/4 inch carbide countersink cutter and chuck it in your mill (Fig 5). I usually spin the countersink bit about 1100 RPM and start to follow the inside of the Magwell untill frame and magwell start to become one (Fig 6). Once you get the two blended as well as is possible with the mill, use a dremel tool with sandpaper rolls and cratex bits to polish the machining marks out and blend the two perfectly. Well that about does it, Good luck

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