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Mag release, There are several ways you can go here, if you are not happy with your standard mag release. First, all mag releases should be a drop in part, with no fitting required. Occasionally you might find one that is a little tight for a particular frame. If that's the case after attempting to install it several times you should see high spots where the blueing is rubbing off. Just hit those high spots with a file. As you can see in (Fig 1) there is a pic of three mag releases. The farthest on the left is stock, the middle one is an extended one, and the far right one is an Ed Brown with a button. The extended mag release and the release with the button are both available from Brownells. Now if you're cheap like me you can tap and drill your old one; be forewarned; some of these have been hardened and are tough to get through. I usually use a carbide 4 flute mill bit in my mill to drill a hole to tap for the 4-40 bolt. Yes, you can just buy the button from Brownells. As you can see in (Fig 2) the release on the left is stock, and the one on the right I've already drilled and tapped for an Ed Brown button. One last note, none of the mag catches on the market come with the return spring or the mag catch lock. So if you're building from the ground up, ensure you order these two parts also.
Good luck

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