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Grip bushings are not too difficult to install or remove, as long as you have the right tools. I personally use the tools that you see in (Fig 1). The most important tool for doing this job properly is a magna bit screwdriver, available from Brownells, and the bushing driver insert bit. Having this tool will help you get the grip bushings off with at least the chance of re-using them; although sometimes, depending bush1s.jpg - 9133 Byteson how they were installed you will destroy them getting them off regardless. When they are on super tight and it seems the bushing wrench is not working, I just get out the vise grips and use them to get the bushings off. Be carefull not to mar the frame. Once you hav the bushings off and you are ready to reinstall them, with your magna bit screwdriver install your new bushing bit and carefully tighten bushings to frame. Next get your bushing staker (Fig 2)bush2s.jpg - 8351 Bytes This part is also available from Brownells #080-644-000 this staker is designed to expand the backside of the bushing from inside of the frame. All you need to do is place the pistol on an anvil or piece of steel. Place staker inside of frame, nestle it into the backside of bushing and place a punch inside bushing opposite side of frame (Fig-3). Ensure only grip bushing is in contact with anvil block and not your PLUNGER TUBE, or you will end up replacing that also. bush3s.jpg - 10630 BytesNow hit punch with a good heavy hammer and inspect your work. Well now that you have gone through all the trouble of reading this article, I will tell you the other way of securing a grip bushing. Loctite, you can use either Blue loctite (loctite 242) or red loctite (loctite271); the red is stronger and will need a little heat in order to break it free. The last item to address is whether or not the back of the grip bushing needs to be filed flush with the mag body of the frame. Well thats about it, Good luck,
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The magna bit screwdriver is available from Brownells and is part #080-086-081 costing $8.97, the bushing driver insert bit is part #080-434-045 at a cost of $7.18, and the grip bushing staker is part #080-644-000 at a cost of $18.95