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French cut, The first step is to chuck your slide in your vise. You can either put your slide directly in your vise or you can use a Yavapi slide holder like I am in (Fig-1). Either way, next get out your dial indicator, and ensure your slide is level and that it is perpendicular to your vise. You dont want your depth of cut to be deeper on the front than it is on the rear. Next, put in your double angle cutter; or you could refer to as I do and call it a UFO cutter. What I usually do is put the cutter about 5-10 thousands from the side of the slide, and move it from the end of the cut to the beginning of the cut with the bit not spinning, to ensure the slide is not sitting too high on one end or the other. If so, loosen your vise and tap one side up or down until your bit tracks your transition line on your slide. All that is left to do now is to turn your bit at 200RPM if HSS steel bit and move bit into slide .020 deep and make a pass. Good Luck,

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The Yavapi slide holder is available from Brownells and is part #080-835-002 at a cost of $70.88 the double angle cutter is available from travers tool at www.travers.com
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