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Ejection port lowering

In many of the older Milspec 1911's you might find they dent brass on ejection or are generally unreliable in the extraction department. I have found that lowering the Ejection port to .450 from the bottom of the slide can help quite a bit and here is how I do it. I use a Milling machine while the slide is held sideways with a Yavapi Slide holder (Fig-1). I usually use a 3/8 carbide four flute mill bit spinning at 1100 RPM's to lower as in (Fig-2) but on occasion when looking for a different look I might use a 1/4 inch bit on occasionally. Next after lowering the bottom of the ejection port to .450 with the milling machine as measured from the bottom of the slide, I next taper the inside of the ejection port with a dovetail bit as in (Fig-5)