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Front cocking serrations
or press check grooves (whatever you decide to call them) can be easily added to your pistol with a milling machine and a little time. In this article I will show you how I added some front cocking serrations to a small Kimber for a customer. It was not that difficult to do, first I acquired a 3/32 4 flute carbide end mill. I then mounted the slide in a Yavapi slide holder and placed in my milling machine vise. I leveled the slide to ensure it was flat and cut the cocking serrations while bit was spinning about 1750 RPM. The first cut was .250 from the end of the slide and was .030 deep. I then moved the table .140 in between each pass. I decided that 5 serrations would balance the pistol out and looked the best. The angle at which I turned the vise was 72 degrees. It was really not that hard to do but my feed rate was very slow for fear of breaking that very small bit. Overall it turned out pretty nice and once I had completed both sides I bead blasted the whole slide and then placed the stainless slide on a piece of glass with a piece of 220 grit sandpaper on it and stroked the slide untill I had vertically to get a nice brushed effect. You got to love Stainless!