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Chemical etching is the process of marking metal with electricity. I am currently using a Marking methods Mark 300 Electrical Chemical Etcher. You can see a pic. of my Mark 300 below.chem3S.jpg - 3736 Bytes The first thing you need to acquire after getting a Mark 300 is a stencil, which is also available from Marking methods for about $40-$60. It can be artwork or Text and a sheet is about 6x9 inches. All you have to do is email the artwork to Marking methods and they mail you in return your stencil. The stencils can be used many times before they need to be replaced. The first step in stenciling your firearm is to remove any finish on the firearm that you intend to etch. That means either wiping the blue off with chem4S.jpg - 4743 Bytessome muratic acid or sanding it off with some very fine sandpaper. By the way, muratic acid does not remove Parkerizing. The next step is to apply the stencil to the part you would like to chemically etch. I use electrical tape, and it works fairly well. Next turn on your Mark 300 and put the switch on DC, set the power setting to three or four, and make sure you are in deep etch mode. Wet the sponge on the end of the applicator with electrolyte. Now all that is left to do is place the applicator over the stencil for about 45seconds to a minute, and slowly roll the applicator over the stencil. You must be careful not to move the stencil though, or you will get a doubled image. Now you need to clean the handgun very well, as the electrolyte is salt water. Otherwise your handgun will rust. All that is left to do now is refinish, or if the handgun is stainless maybe beadblast, and you will have one attractive Marking. One last thing: the manual says that a depth of .010 is possible. I have not checked to see how deep I am going with mine, But I am pleased with the results. Blindhogg

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The Marking Methods Inc. Phone no. is (626) 282-8823 and their web page address is WWW.MARKINGMETHODS.COM

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