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The hardest part about installing a beavertail on your pistol is choosing which one to use. There are over 28 different models to choose from in the Brownells catalogue. Now in case you were not aware of it, most Beavertails must be fit in order to be installed in your frame. Now before you start whittling on your frame to make your Beavertail fit, you need to figure out which kind of B.T. you want, then pick a good fixture or fitting guide. If you're good you might even make one. Now let me go ahead and clear up something: There are several different variations of B.T. available. One is a .250 radius B.T. that would cover the majority of them like Brown, McCormick, Baer and several others. There is also another variation that covers Wilson's, Caspian and Clark (FYI Wilson's also makes a .250 radius) but you need to be aware there are different types of B.T. out there. The two different types I talk about here are not compatible, for example if you have a Springfield with a Wilson B.T. on it and you want a Brown on it instead, you're out of luck. Once a frame is cut for one you can not go to the other. Now just click on the button of the Beavertail you want to install and read on!
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