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This is my for sale section, with it I will offer my tools and other miscellaneous things I build for sale here. In the next week or two I will be offering new exciting tools like the fixture I used in my grip making article to hold the grips. Not sure of the price on that one yet just keep checking back here. Also a few other hand made tools to make it easier to work on your 1911.

Part # BH1
This is my two step drill bit designed specifically to make grips. It will recess your grips for the grip screw bushings or the grips screws depending on which side you are drilling on at the time. A drill press is all that is needed to use this bit, ensure you drill the curved side up first, then just flip over and bit will automatically level and line up for recessing grip for the grip screw bushing. Do not worry if you do not go deep enough for the bushings or grip screws the first time, as the bit will recenter itself before it starts cutting the shelf deeper. Picture seen is of a set of grips I actually recessed with one of the two step drill bits. If you have ever considered making your own grips this will save the day. Bit is made from O-1 tool steel by me and then hardened with a torch and tempered. Cost for # BH1 is $25 delivered to your door.

Chris's tips.
Do not use this bit to drill a hole, I use a 15/64 drillbit which is slightly smaller than the pilot on the two stage bit. I also when using the two stage bit use the depth stop on my drill press to ensure I dont go do deep.



Part# BH2
After being asked many times to provide these to guys desiring to build their own grips I am now making this jig available to the public. If you are even considering making your own grips this will save many hours of frustration not to mention burnt fingertips and lost or damaged wood being consumed by the sander. you can see in the second photo a blank grip and one just profiled by me on a 12 inch disc sander. I have a article in this website explaining how to use the fixture to hold grips while you are profiling them with the sander. Jig fixture BH2 is $75 delivered to your door.


  Part # BH4
Well I have finally gotten around to making the hole jig I have been using for many years available to the public. I have two sizes available, one for the Govt size and one for the officers sized frame. Both sized drilling jigs are anodized black with hardened steel drilling inserts for longevity. These are $65 for the officers sized jigs and $75 for the govt sized ones which includes delivery. The jig will be accompanied with the proper sized drill bit also along with a brass pilot to insert into the first hole drilled to ensure fixture does not walk on the second hole. These are used to scribe the wood using a scribe and then also used to drill the holes in the perfect location. Never ruin a good piece of wood again with this fixture.
Govt sized fixture paypal button below
I am out of stock on this currently
Officers sized fixture below, I am currently out of stock on this item.
I am currently out of stock on this item.

Part # BH3
Well after a bunch of us gun guys got to talking about the got to have accessory for their 1911 this idea got tossed out there. I had to have a new stencil made for my shop logo to burn onto full house guns so I got this stencil made up also. It is electrical chemical etched into the steel and then filled with a gold kit available from Brownells. So do not worry it will not come off as the etching is 10 thousands deep, probably deeper than your serial no. Anyway I can also do this in just plain black if you desire also its just alittle harder to see is all. These are black parkerized by me after they are etched and then treated with the powdered gold. The people who made this stencil for me made it a few thou too big and some of the top of the letters get cut off, but its not too noticable and its still quite a statement you will be making with the face and all. Anyway $25 will get it delivered to your door

I am currently out of stock on this item and will not be making these again.





I only go to the post office every Monday morning. If you need an item on this page fast, plan accordingly or buy from my competitor. I package all sales on Sunday AM, if I do not have an order by then it will miss my Monday AM delivery to the Post Office.
Chris W.