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Gunsmithing Pistols & Revolvers
By Patrick Sweeney

This is a relatively new book that covers alittle bit of everything from Revolvers, Glocks, Berretas and 1911's. In the 1911smithing chapter the author gets into fitting barrels, extractors, ejectors, triggers, lowering slide rails and fitting thumb safety. Mr.Sweeney vaguely touches on the trigger job and talks very briefly about ramped barrels. I overall liked the book but I felt the 1911smithing aspect left alittle to be desired. It seems he tells what needs to be done but does not tell how to get there as well as he should. The photos are very good and Mr. Sweeney shows many of the different fixtures available to help the up and coming pistolsmith. I feel this book is probably worth putting in your collection, but not before first acquiring the Kuhnhausen books and the Wilson book first. This book contains 350 pages and has a very thorough 57 page index of who's who in the gun world.

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