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45 Auto Custom Touches
By R.D.Nye

This book I picked up at a Gunshow long ago. Overall it seems to have been written a while ago as many of the articles are not relevant anymore. For instance there is a chapter on how to repair magazines, by rewelding etc. Back in the day all you had were GI issue magazines and not many other choices, but now there are many choices and most mags seem to be very well made. Also there is a article on squaring the trigger guard, but that fell out of favor long ago. There is also a article on how install a overtravel screw in your trigger, but most triggers now come with them. I also did not like the article on fitting extractors. Now I will admit I did pick up one tip from this book, the how to pin a grip safety article was good. I still use Nye's technique on pinning as it works. Overall I have to give this book a thumbs down though, there is not enough good information to outweigh the bad. This book has 88 pages

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