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Collectors Guide to Colt 45 Service Pistols
By Charles W. Clawson

Well from a collectors standpoint this book is a real gem. If you like or have considered collecting service pistols then you will want this book. The illustrations and photos are very good and in the rear of the book there is a breakdown of serial no's by maker and year. This book also gives history of every service pistol maker such as Ithaca, Singer,Remington Rand,Savage,Union Switch and Signal and several others and explains the difference between the parts. How to tell if all parts are original and how to tell if pistol has been refinished. Also what changes were made year to year and all the proofmarks and Inspectors and there backgrounds. The book also covers the accessories such as cleaning supplies and magazines. Clawson has done a outstanding job in writing this book and I applaud his photographer also. The collectors guide to Colt 45 service pistols has 130 pages and over 80 photographs.
Overall I give it a Thumbs up.

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